Carenzi wheel adapter woes…

I just got this Carenzi hub adapter today for one of my Yamaha Scooter builds which I was hoping to drill holes in to mount a mini-classic rim for a ruckus-stylee fatty/stretch conversion.

However, having learnt from my past mistakes the first thing I did was take some measurements to check it was actually round, which it turns out it probably isn’t. 🙁

Am I just being too much of a perfectionist? To me it looks like this adapter isn’t really round/true enough to be safe to use. At this point the adapter I made by cutting down a Neos back wheel runs truer than this one. Has anyone else had this issue?

I’m primarily posting this so that the folks on my scooter forum can see & double-check my logic and the process I went through. If you’re interested the scooter build thread is here:

build thread here:

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