Polo 6n1 1.4 AEX turbo – I think this may be happening…

So I’ve been umming and aahing about this for a while now. Lots of people saying it can’t be done, don’t bother etc, but also some notable folks who have done it.

The examples I’ve found have varied from very DIY to full “proper” installs…but I think I have a plan to move forward with this in a staged way which won’t require huge investment up front.

I’m still working out the details but I’ve actually started collecting components for the project so I guess it’s maybe really happening.

The polo is a great little car but is kinda underpowered and whilst there’s options to improve the AEX motor somewhat e.g. 3f/polo-GT cam, tuning “chip”, better exhaust and inlet…I think it’s probably still going to be pissing in the wind compared to even a moderate amount of boost.

Initially I’m only looking for around 5psi, so that I don’t have to muck about with compression ratios of the pistons etc. It’ll stay on the stock ECU but will have some boost-activated additional fuelling so it doesn’t lean out. It’s kinda a low-tech approach but should do the job, at the early stages of “development” anyway.

Even though there doesn’t seem to be anything much I can do to adjust the map on the ECU (at this point), as far as I’m aware it has a knock sensor so should automatically retard timing if we start getting pre-ignition. It doesn’t need to know why it’s happening and as long as the fuelling is handled elsewhere I think we should be ok.

Unlike a mk2 golf, the polo has the exhaust ports are the front of the engine bay which should make the plumbing a *lot* more convenient than having all that heat and nonsense down by the firewall…especially for when it needs updating (or blows up and needs fixing 😉 )

Exhaust-wise I’m thinking basically weld a stainless sports cat onto the turbo exit pipe (since it has to have a cat for the MOT) and then just exit stage-right through the side of the front bumper. Very minimal. I kinda like the idea of a bonnet exit but given the UK’s habit of raining lots that seems like a recipe for problems down the line.

So far we potentially have a suitable turbo and flange sourced, possibly an intercooler and a few other bits too. Those should be enough to let me start mocking up the pipework. I’m planning to make a small adapter which goes from the standard exhaust manifold to the turbo flange, so that it should all pretty much bolt on to the stock setup.

It’ll need a wideband O2 sensor so that we can make sure the fuelling is ok but that’s actually one of the most expensive bits so far. Kinda need it though 😉

I’ll post more once parts start to arrive 🙂

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