VW links:

VW syncro forum – forum for VW’s syncro vehicles, mostly golfs but other syncro vehicles too

VPerformance – couple of bonnie scottish lads who run a youtube channel and website with lots of helpful info on DIY remapping. They seem to be mostly VAG-based.

Scooter links:

Scootershack – awesome automatic scooter forum (mostly UK-based)

Steady Garage – some very cool and handy parts for custom scooter conversions. Superbly helpful too as I found out recently. – spares and tuning parts for scooters – more fun bits for scooters and mopeds

Yamaha C3/Giggle/VOX fatty conversion – basically the only other person I’ve found doing fatty conversions on yamaha. Awesome build!

Misc useful tools:

Cylinder compression calculator (in german)


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